Ministry Categories


Glendale organizes ministries under three general categories. Core Ministries develop leadership skills and attitudes among members, Congregational Ministries enhance church worship and participation and finally Community Ministries pursue friendships that improve the larger community around us. Our mission model reflects our vision to help people discover and develop their gifts and calling as active disciples of Jesus.


Core Ministries for children and youth include Adventurer and Pathfinder Clubs. Young adults are active in Men’s and Women’s ministries. Family ministry teaches marriage and parenting skills and Senior’s ministry ensures that older adults continue to be involved in their golden years.

Congregational Ministries include Prayer, Hospitality, Stewardship and Music ministries of adult adult and children’s choirs and praise teams.

Community Ministries partner with organizations and initiatives such as Saving Orphans through Healthcare and Outreach, OneCop and Habitat for Humanity to address issues of abuse, domestic violence, community safety, racial understanding and homelessness. Our church school, Indianapolis Junior Academy, provides Christian Adventist education to about 100 students in our faith community and neighborhood.