At Glendale, a disciple of Jesus is someone who is engaged in our mission to "develop a faithful, hopeful and loving community that inspires people to come to Jesus, become like Jesus and overcome in Jesus." Toward this end, we seek God-given growth within three concentric circles of relationship:

  1. Friendship through Connection in reflecting Jesus
  2. Worship through Attendance in glorifying Jesus
  3. Discipleship through Engagement in knowing Jesus

A disciple of Jesus at Glendale is encouraged to grow in five primary areas of discipleship:

  1. Member (Romans 12:4-5) of God's Church - exploring what it means to be a Seventh-day Adventist Christian and an active participant in the family of God
  2. Missionary (Isaiah 6:8) of God's Purpose - fulfilling the Great Commission of Jesus, the mission of Glendale Church and the personal call of Christ
  3. Magnifier (Psalm 34:3) of God's Glory - growing in prayer, Bible study and worship to glorify Jesus through the excellence and perseverance of our lives
  4. Minister (1 Peter 4:10) of God's Gifts - serving the needs of others through the unique gifts of the Spirit within the Body of Christ
  5. Mentor (1 Corinthians 11:1) of God's People - nurturing and training the next generation of Seventh-day Adventist Christian disciples to serve in Jesus' name